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Idea for a Biotest Product Forum


Why dont you guys make a forum called something like "Biotest Products" and have people rate the products (kind of like on RMP)

Only to give a rating on a specific product, you would need to have actually ordered the product (so there would be no bullshit). That would probably be easy to do with the order history of all the members. If you never purchased the product, you cannot rate it (you can still write on that product's thread tough) Im pretty sure it wouldnt be too hard to set up and it would give both you and your customers some feedback.

You could just have all the products in the TMUSCLE Store listed and have a specific thread for each of them along with their representative rating

Just an idea..


because that wouldn't work :wink:


Blasphemy !

Why not?


I'm not sure Biotest would like to have people see the ratings their products get. It could turn out poorly, if their products get unflattering ratings.


Shouldnt happen if they truly believe in the effectivness of their products !...

But you are probably right


I think it could bring in fake accounts and more trolls


A forum for discussing their products?

Thats Awesome!

They could even name it something catchy like- "T-Nation Forums" with a subcategory called supplements and nutrition.

There could be other stuff too like power lifting, body building, and even an off topic section for people who need to get a life.


But wait!

Wouldn't it be even better if, every time they came out with a new product they would make a thread, discussing the product?


Someone needs to get them on this.


Or like a sub forum on their article write ups? That would be sweet.