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IDEA Fitness Conference

Hey guys!

I just got back from the IDEA conference in Arlington, VA. Attended presentations by (and worked out with) Todd Durkin, Jay Dawes, and Nick Tumminello among others. Learned so much!

Anybody else go? Let’s talk about it!

I’ve always enjoyed Durkin’s stuff and Tumminello’s alot. Even though I didn’t attend, I would definitely like to hear about all the cool stuff they presented.


I attended Durkin’s presentations: “Train the Joes like the Pros” and “Bootcamp 2010”

-conditioning! “hurricane” style workouts using ladders, bands, med balls and other tools alternating are a ton of fun and killer conditioning styles
-competition! EVERYONE older people included, got really competitive in things like relay races and partner drills. wow. use this to your advantage when training athletes AND regular clients, especially in groups
-dynamic warmups! pogo hops, gate swings, seal jacks and tons of hopping in general all for CNS readying.
-finishers! close with something fun and competitive, this makes everyone give a final kick that they wouldn’t usually give
-reaction drills! card catches, reaction ball games etc; for athletes as well as shmoes to improve reaction times

great to see functional training!!!