Idea Behind Massive Eating

okay, assume you are doing a hard total body lifting routine. obviously you need to consume at least 1 gram of protein per lb of body weight, each day.
I here a lot about the need to eat massive amounts of food in order to put on mass quickly. as far as I know, calories don’t build muscle, so what is the point in eating 4,000+ calories a day?
you can still get in tons of protein while keeping your calorie consumption equal to what you are burning.

why eat more calories?

it doesn’t make sense, unless you want to put on fat.

can someone please enlighten me.

I am not interested in putting on ANY fat, but I definitely want to put on the most muscle possible for the time being.

The idea of bulking by massive eating just does not make sense. Why can’t you add the same muscle with normal calorie intake, consisting of large amounts of protein?

Did you even read anything in the articles? Seriously. Literacy is key.

[quote]KiloSprinter wrote:
as far as I know, calories don’t build muscle, [/quote]

They don’t?

yes i have read many articles on this site. I just went back to one of the nutrition articles that said you have to eat big to get big.
that doesn’t help me at all. it doesn’t explain the reason why eating pounds of pasta, in addition to pounds of meat a day is better at building muscle than just a high protein diet alone.

I have not read anywhere, where it explains WHY these huge calories diets build more muscle.

is it impossible for somebody to explain to me here, why eating excess calories puts on more muscle?

this is a forum, no need to be a jackass

kilo, this is a mighty fine question and i hope some enlightening responses find their way into this thread…

[quote]KiloSprinter wrote:

is it impossible for somebody to explain to me here, why eating excess calories puts on more muscle?


Short answer:
If your body uses 2,000cals a day just to keep you breathing, blinking, farting, and digesting…that is what 2,000cals will be used for. Just that. Nothing else…just that.

If you want to cause your body to GAIN weight…regardless of whether it be lean body mass or otherwise…you would need more calories than that original 2,000.

Why, you ask?

Because if 2,000cals is just for breathing, blinking, farting, and digesting, there is nothing left to use to make additional cells or to increase their size…unless you eat more than that 2,000cals a day.

Muscles are about 22% protein. The rest is mostly water bound to glycogen. You could eat NO protein and still gain muscle depending on genetics and the training stimulus.

Why, you ask?

Because muscles don’t grow just because of protein. Your body makes protein all by itself.

Shocked and surprised?

Don’t be. Your body has been doing that all of your life. How do you think you grew taller as a kid. Were you drinking protein back then? Were you making sure you were taking in 1.5gr of protein per day when you were 5 years old? My guess is no.

That is about as simple as I can put it. I avoided answering before because frankly, your post surprised me. I thought that was the most basic information relayed to anyone who lifted weights. Either way, that is the base you can build from. Everything else just enhances that effect.

well the archives can give you all the reasoning in a scientific matter if you want. but if you want the meat and potatoes of it, punn intended, then here goes;

when you train hard, you burn calories. heck, when you just sit on your ass you burn calories. simply enough, this is why we must consume a maintenance level of calories to Maintain weight

In order to gain weight, you have to surpass the maintenance level of calories.

carbs spare protein, give you energy, allow you to get a “pump”, and keep your mood not-so-shitty.

fats allow for hormones to be made, cells to be made, certain nurtients need fat to be absorbed.

protein is great, but eating sub maintenance calories is gonna make u small

only eating protein also costs you fiber and other nutrients like phytonutriens from fruits and veggies, and a host of antioxidants.

Its quite simple really.

A pound of body weight is roughly 3500 calories. So lets say, through diet and exercise, you are burning 3000 calories (not hard if you are a big guy).Lets also say that you are eating 3,000 calories a day. You are going to burn every single one of those calories off as heat… Meaning that none of them get stored on your body as muscle or fat. Now, if you are eating 3500, That gives you an excess of 500 calories. Over the course of 7 days this turns into 1 pound of weight… Both fat and muscle.

Lets be generous and say that you split that weight 50/50 between muscle and fat, you will gain a 1/2 pound of muscle that way.

Now… Lets start some massive eating. Take in 5,000 calories and you are in a 2,000 calorie surplus. Over the course of 7 days that adds up to a lot of weight. Lets say this allows you to gain 4 pounds of weight in one week. Again splitting this 50/50 you have now gained 2 pounds of muscle, roughly 4 times the amount from eating just a little over maintanence. After several weeks/months on massive eating, that means some serious muscle.

Now its time to cut. Reduce the intake to 2000 - 2500 and shred the fat off in the same manner.

If you want to build muscle, it has to come from somewhere. While it is possible to build muscle with little food, it is so much easier with large amounts as the body won’t attempt to save it for “more important uses”.

Also it was stated at takes about 3,500 kilocalories to build a pound of muscle. I am not sure if that is just the energy to build it, or the energy and material. (There is over 600 kilocalories in a pound of muscle, and about 3,500 kilocalories in a pound of fat, not the numbers given earlier.)

As far as the Berardi’s Massive Eating article, it is based not only on supplying enough energy and material to build muscle, but a method of eating to put your body into the optimum position for building muscle preferentially over fat. It is easier to build muscle if you build fat at the same time, but this improves things.

okay, thanks. you guys answered my question well.

time to eat!