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Idea: A T-Wiki

What do you guys (T-Nation readers and staff) think about a wiki written by T-Nation members about everything bodybuilding. With an encyclopedia side to cover all the facts and how to guides to teach different exercise.

So yay or nay?


No one would read it, excpet for those who already know what it says from being here so long.

It’d be just like the Beginner sticky. Constantly referred to but never checked by beginners.

Now now, we shouldn’t knock the idea 100%. I think those more interested in the science behind everything (i.e. How nutrients react in the body, different types of hypertrophy, anatomical stuff, etc.) could be useful.

With all the info and research the experts (John Berardi, Dan John, CT, TC, etc.) it could be an easier to navagate resource. I say easier, because sometimes you want info based on a system or chain or whatever, but don’t want to look through ALL the articles that could be related, as they tend to go to what’s prevelent to that article (like a particular workout or methodology)

So we have one yay and one nay.

Both with very good points a wiki would have the potential to make things easier to find and also has a chance that no one would read it.

Any other thoughts about this?