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Idaho Iron Gym in Post Falls, ID

Anyone ever lift at Idaho Iron in Post Falls, Idaho? I’m going to be in Coeur d’Alene this weekend, need a place to lift, and wondered if ID Iron would fit the bill.


I don’t know, but what will you be in Cda for?

I live in Spokane and Cda is a regular stomping ground for me. I hope your going to enjoy some leisure time while you’re there. The lake is great. I recommend you get some play time in on Tubbs Hill.

There’s great jumping rocks as well as a nice rope swing for taking a plunge in the cool water. It’s going to be very hot this weekend and the girls at the lake will be hot as well (although they tend to be a bit young).

It’s pricey, but renting a boat or jet ski would be a hell of a time. There’s also some great restaurants and bars on Sherman. The night life should be pretty good. If you are there on business don’t miss out on at least some of what this great area has to offer.

Back on topic. Like I said I don’t know about that gym, but there must be something decent in town. Post Falls is a 20 minute drive and I’m sure you can find something much closer.