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I'd like to tell a story

A long while back, I posted a story about tweaking my back on the last rep of a set of deads when my wife wlaked into the room and started talking to me. Any way, new back problem, totally ridiculuos cause. So we’re packing to go to a weekend seminar in Spokane (I live in the Seattle area), and I’m getting a cooler out of the garage, and I tweak my right spinal erectors a little. Bothered me mostly on the 5+ hour drive when I had to twist around to take care of my 15 month old daughter in the back seat. No big deal, I can tolerate it. Seminar on Friday evening, sitting in an arena for 4 hours, and having to twist around to see what’s going on on stage. Not comfy, but I can tolerate it. Saturday morning, we’re at breakfast, and I’m holding my daughter on the left side, standing up, and she drops something. I sit on a chair and bend over (straight forward) to get it, still holding her. On the way up, everything in the low back gives out. SCREAMING PAIN! I damn near drop my daughter and grab a table just to get myself upright. HOLY CRAP! This is FAR worse than anything I’ve EVER done to my back. So with two days to go in the seminar, I’m screwed. I tough it out. Sunday evening, we’re leaving the arena, and the car goes ape-shit. Idiot lights going off all over, running rough, and giving up the ghost fast. Crap! We limp it to a hotel parking lot and hitch a ride back to our hotel to get our babysitter on her way home. We’re stranded. So we go over to a Perkins for dinner (I know, don’t start in on it). Well, it was absolutely the WORST food I’ve ever had. In fact, I have a hard time calling it food. Another excruciating night ina hotel bed, and we get the car towed to a shop, and have to vacate the hotel (fortunately my wife has relatives nearby). They get the car fixed ($540 later), and we’re heading out. % miles down the road, more idiot lights going off. We limp back, drop the car off again, and head back to the relative’s. Another excruciating night in an even WORSE bed, and I’ve got an appointment with a local chiropractor. He does some magic on me and I feel better. Another 5+ hour drive punctuated by twisting around to take care of my daughter in the back seat. We finally make it hoome two days late and way too many hours of pain. This morning, I head into work. I can walk decently, and figure I can make it to my regular chiropractor appointment this afternoon. One hour into the day and I’m feeling as bad as Saturday. I haven’t trained at all since last Thursday. No great moral to the story, I’m just letting off some steam. I’ll let you al know what happens with the chiro appointment this afternoon.

Wow, you still went to work after all that? Good luck with the chiro today!

Brider: I can certainly sympathize with you. I had a similar experience about 6.5 years ago. I was in an aerobics class (flame all you want, but I enjoy going once a week) and all of a sudden my legs gave way and I collapsed in pain. It took every ounce of energy to stand up, gather my things, and leave class. While I was driving home, I could hardly breathe due to the pain in my back (looking back, not a safe way to drive). For two weeks, I literally shuffled my feet to get around. When I finally did go to a doctor, it was determined I had some sort of facet joint problem. It did get better, but I can no longer lay on my stomach for more than 10 minutes.

However, last August, after warming up, I sat on the ground to stretch and when I leaned over my legs, a pain shot through my lower back. This time, it’s a soft tissue injury. It’s getting better I’m able to lift a little more now.

Anyway, it’s good that you ranted. I wish you a speedy recovery.

I just had my first chiropracter/ART appointment, and I am kicking myslf for not doing this sooner. My back feels great, and the range of motion in my shoulder is amazing, I did not realize how bad it was till after the appointment. I am sold on ART, and cannot wait till my next session.

Dude, I totally understand that pain. Being a long time lifter, I’d occasionally mildly hurt my back where the pain was bad, but not wrenching; I had never really hurt it badly before, until ths last time. Last month I was doing some heavy clean & jerks. I got sloppy and tweaked my back slightly. It was nothing too bad because I went on to do some other exercises. A couple days later I went back in for some more C&J. Then I hurt it worse, as apparrently I’m a stubborn fuck and didn’t want to wait til it healed properly. But it still wasn’t that bad. I went home. The problem was when I was trying to stretch it in some funky way. It got worse. Then I laid on my back and kicked my legs over my head (normally a great stretch, but not in my present condition), and HOLY FUCK!!! Torturous intense pain. I have never felt pain like that before. I screamed out. I couldn’t get up. I crawled on my hands and knees to my bed and stayed there for a day. I could barely walk. I still don’t know how any of you guys functioned with that kind of pain. It’s a huge drag and very depressing. Give it time and it’ll heal.

The chiro worked on my hips yesterday (I haven’t quite figured that one out – I thought he’d start with a spinal exam), but I do feel somewhat better today. These damn chairs at work just aren’t doing me any good. I’m okay standing after a few minutes, but those first few minutes are pretty bad. After about 15 minutes sitting I’m needing to get up. Progress will be slow, I’m sure, but I did get in some pull-ups this morning.

I’ve had similar experiences but not quite so severe. I strained my back doing heavy deads on a Friday afternoon the day before I was going to visit some friends at Wazzu. I didn’t think much of it until the next morning when I got up and got ready to go. My lower back to the right of my spine had this steady ache that nothing seemed to help. I tried stretching it out to no avail so I just rubbed in some icy hot, popped some ibuprofen and hit the road. I lived in Olympia at the time and it is a long boring drive to Pullman. Needless to say the drive was hell, I couldn’t get comfortable at all and was constantly moving around in the seat. I made probably seven or eight stops along the way just so I could get out and move around. Anyway I can definitely feel your pain and hopefully the chiropractor visit will do some good. Just don’t jump back into the heavy deads too soon.