I'd Like a 2.5 Oly Plate

Bought twice on ebay, got sent one

If anyone has a set big enough where you won’t miss a 2.5
I’d like to match my set please.

I don’t normally troll post like this, but…

If you’re counting someone to magically know what matches your 2.5 (pound or kilo unknown) and to ship you one. I think the appropriate phrase is to wish in one hand and dump in the other and see which fills up first.

You can get cheap weights pretty much from any online sporting goods retailer, or on Craigslist. If you want good change plates, rogue fitness has just released some new ones. They’ll be expensive, but you’ll only have to buy them once ever.

And I would like some free 45 pound bumper plates. Someone PM me for my shipping address. Also, if you have some free jerk stands/boxes I will take those too, but it needs to be the nice ones.

At Play It Again a used 2.5lb plate would be ~$2.50 and a 2.5kg plate would be ~$5…