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Iconic's Training Log

some background info.

19 years old. started seriously lifting about a year ago. gained about 33 pounds. fairly lean, but not very impressive. i fucked around on the internet too much reading bullshit articles that highlighted idiotic training systems, diets, and training philosophy. my biggest mistake is i didn’t train hard enough. i will. and i hope this log becomes informative as i log you guys through my journey to become a big, and strong bad motherfucker.

my training is fairly basic and derives from instinct more than anything else. its influenced by guys i look up to though such as Evan Centopani, Derek Poundstone, Jim Wendler, and Christian Thibeadeu. that is not to say that i dont listen to my body because i do and my training reflects that as it isn’t standard procedure by any means. im not naive though. if progress isn’t being made im honest enough with my self to admit that what im doing is not working. although it has been recently.

  • will update pictures within a few days

i follow a 4 way split and try to train everyday. heres the basic set up.

Day 1 - Lats + Biceps
Day 2 - Shoulders + Triceps
Day 3 - Upper Back (Teres Major, Rhomboids, Lower Traps, Rear Delts) and Chest
Day 4 - Hamstrings + Quads

i don’t train upper traps because i dont like to. and i don’t train calves and abs for the same reason.

Tomorrows day 1 so ill fill you guys in on the detail when i get back from the gym.

Lats Biceps

Chin-ups: 5,5,5,5 x BW
DB Reverse Grip Rows: 45x10, 55x10, 65x9, 40x15
Cable Straight Arm Pull-down: 50x15, 60x15, 70x15, 40x20

BB Curl: forgot weight used
DB Concentration Curl: 20x10,25x10,30x10, 20x15
Cable Machine Curl: Some x 20 for pump

Finals and work are getting the best of me right now but only a few more days till i have a month off of school. Should be a very productive four weeks. I need to balance my time a little better but going to college full time, and working part time is getting a little hectic. No excuses though.

no excuses. im fucking up. tomorrows a new day. will be back on my grind. i promise every one this does not happen often.

im getting back in the groove. did some shoulder and tri work yesterday. and some upper back and ham work today. dont feel like logging the shitty workouts but i know tomorrows workout is going to be sick. i got some new supplements to complement my diet. im expecting to see a difference. most of my buddies swear by this pre workout creatine crap. ill see what happens.

pre workout

will update tomorrow. life has taken a sharp turn into bad lately. some health issues i had seriously kicked my ass and really regressed my progress. i dont want to talk about it any longer or go into more detail because when this becomes a kick ass log i dont want people to remember this. i dont want to set standards on my self. ive changed up my training and will be getting back into it tomorrow. upper body day tomorrow . lots of heavy lifting hopefully and some insane volume. i will succeed. by any means necessary.

getting back on the good foot tomorrow.

?Life aint about how hard you can hit, it’s about how hard you can GET hit, and keep moving forward.?

-Rocky Balboa

I took some pictures so I can gauge my progress as I go along. Posing’s horrible, I know .

first try


back double bi

front relaxed and front double bi





training was good today . went really light on everything just to get back in the swing of things. everything felt good as light weight should.

here’s the breakdown.

BB Push Press 45,65,75,85,95,105x5 SS BW Chin-up x 5
BW Pull-up x 5 SS BB Bench Press 45,95,135,155x5
DB Press 35,25,20 x 10, D Handle (rotating) Chin-up
BW x 6-8
DB Rear Delt Fly SS DB Fly 35,25 x10