Icon Sciences A Legit Company?

Anyone ever heard of Icon Sciences. I did a goggle search to try to find a company homepage or anything and came up negative. What legit supplement company out there doesn?t have a homepage? I ask because a friend was going to give me a Icon Sciences bottle of 1-AD before it expires.

How legit could this 1-AD be if the company isn?t legit?. So wats the deal with this mystery company Icon Sciences?

Dude, i understand being new to this game may be overwhelming, but there is such a thing as a stupid question! Friggin’ work oout, eat good, sleep, take supplements, and quit with the friggin’ prohormone BS!

If its a prohormone, it’s outdated info or
expired product! Go to Mexico and load up! People wanna give advice, but give the peeps something that makes them think, not wanna throw a bottle of protein at the computer!

ok, put all prohormone talk aside. All i was asking is if anyone else has heard of Icon Science. Are they legit