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Icelandic 36 Year Old Lifter


Hey all, I’m a long time t-mag reader (since 1998 or thereabouts). Decided to use the oldest login I found for this post.

I’ve decided to track my workouts and progress every now and then here.

I also use https://www.instagram.com/jhaukurgym/ where I occasionally post pictures and some story items.

I’ve been lifting for a long time, had a family, have two children, gone through divorce, had shoulder surgery, all the usual stuff that life throws at you. Lifting is to me as much a way to keep a healthy mind as it maintains a healthy body.

For the past 1 year I’ve really, really upped my game and I am eyeing my sights on my first bodybuilding competition next year (2019). I hold a silver medallion in my weight category in a powerlifting meet back in 2015 so I’ve been pretty strong for long.


Currently I weigh in at 100kg, I’m about 176cm tall.
I’ve just started training twice a day.
This morning I burned 450kcal in ~31 minutes before heading off to work.

Planning to roast my back this evening.


Back got properly roasted after a warmup that burned 300kcal and stretches. Pullover, unilateral pulldowns, heavy dumbells rows (40kg dumbells) and some more.

Attached is a picture taken few hours later.


Leg day, worked up to a single set of 200kgx3 - feel a bit weaker now as I’ve been cutting.
After heavy squats I did 3 sets of heavy seated leg curls for 10-12 reps, then 2 light sets of lying leg curls, then as I waited for the leg extension machine I did two sets of bodyweight pull ups (10x and 7x - for some reason I’m always out of reps on subsequent sets with pull-ups)
Then I finished my legs in the leg extension doing several heavy sets for max-reps.
After that I did a little dumbell presses ending on a set of 50kg dumbell for 7 reps.
Blasted the arms a bit, did cardio and called it a day.

I’m pretty happy with my progression and if my skin keeps on tightening I should be able to step on the stage in April, cutting slowly and steadily with short bursts of bulking until then.


7 x 50k dumbbell presses are impressive.


On Saturday I went with my training partner who was aiming for a 270kg (595 lbs) 1 RM PR in the deadlift.

I went up to 240kg, attempted lightheartedly to pull 250kg, the bar went up but not above the knees.

My friend however smoked 270kg and he took 2 reps.


Today - blasted arms, biceps and triceps, going to go again in the evening and do the same thing all over again.


So I blasted arms by doing more or less the same excercise first in the noon and then in the evening. Highly recommended to try this out if you are advanced lifter and you want some serious pump (and hopefully growth).

Today I did back excercises during lunch and in the evening. Pullups, rows, pull downs, the works.

Few sets of 50kg dumbell rows and ended with 2 sets of 60kg dumbell rows for 5 reps.

Check my instagram highlight for a video of the 50kg 8 reps lift. (@jhaukurgym)



Down to 95kg, strength still high. Lots of exercises done since my last post.
Worked up to to sets of 230kgx3 yesterday, that’s what ease triples of 507 pounds.

Can’t wait to see the shape I’ll be in on the beach over x-mas!