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Iceland Volcano


That volcano is screwing up travel plans worldwide. I have friends in Italy who have been delayed coming home.

Anybody close to this....or know any more details about the eruption??? All the "doom and gloom" talk aside...I still think the eruption is cool as hell.

They are saying that it's possible this eruption could trigger eruptions of surrounding volcanoes. Don't know the science behind that or the chances of that happening...but definitely interesting.


Crazy picture.



You can see the spirits escaping the volcano. Now they must find human hosts.


lol..it did look that way.


2012 coming early I see.


Jupiter's cock! Those are incredible images.


how long until air travel can resume... doesn't volcanic ash linger in the air for quite some time?


Well, I guess the end is near. I have some people I need to kill.


Yeah, we're getting some ash clouds over here. Im a bit too far north in the country but the entire bottom half of Norway is getting air traffic closed.

Wish we had awesome ash clouds up here too, but so far i haven't seen anything at all..

Biggest concern here now is that the bigger volcano laying next to this one, might erupt because of this.


Supposedly limited flights would have started by 0600hrs....but a new cloud of ash moving towards UK has had those canceled already.




Very true.


It was raining glass here in Bergen on Saturday...


Now its fucking personal!!


Fuck you Volcano!!!


I could really give a fuck about cancelled flights. I actually think it's a good thing overall to have peoples daily lives interrupted from time to time. Makes people realize, Hey I'm not the center of the fucking universe.

What is really going to suck is there has been star trek people saying this could cause short term global cooling, depending on how long this thing spews, a couple months to a couple years. FUCK THAT! Here in Upstate NY I look foward to the 3 months of nice warm summer weather. If this asshole shitbag volcano fucks me out of one or possibly two summers I'm going to be pissed. Warning: Volcano, if you mess with my summers, I'll go epic beard man on your ass.

How would one fight a volcano anyways, Nuking it would probably only make it worse, Drop a few glaciers in the crater?



I'm no geologist, but listening to early reports, the tremendous amount of ash is happening due to this volcano's magma being cooled by the glacier that is attached to it, so rather than just blowing it's top like it should, it's simply...spewing and seeping. That pretty much prolongs things. I imagine the early cooling would cause a lot of pressure to build within other active volcano chains, thus causing them to blow, relieving that pressure. If this cloud persists, it could present an issue for myself and my unit, as we are supposed to be deploying shortly. I would hate to have it delayed.

As for fighting the Volcano, Vegita, you need to check out Joe Vs. The Volcano. Or Dante's Peak. Or...Volcano. And remember that in 2012, the world begins to end thru the core heating up, then earthquakes, THEN volcanoes, then typhoons/tsunamis, just general unpleasantness.

Defiance, you do not want ash clouds where you are, as you don't want the problems that come with the cloud. May be pretty to look at from above or afar, but not underneath.


I think dropping glaciers on it would only make it angrier.

Here in England we've had no fucking travel. I'm due to go on holiday next week and I don't think that'll happen. Approx $1000 down the shitter. Fuck the volcano, I AM the centre of the universe and it had better shut the fuck up NOW.


Sarcasm?.....cynical joke???


We had sunny weather all last week, then snow a couple days ago...I blame you Eyjafjallajokull.