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Iceland Leaves Recession Behind



Interesting. And what is the main difference between what Iceland did and what America and the rest of Europe did?

The Icelanders told the bondholders and bankers to go fuck themselves. They would not bail them out for their gambling debts. They were the ones who caused it with their derivatives and speculation and they would be the ones to pay for it. I mean, how the hell can you justify brutal austerity measures on the people when the parasite bankers are the ones with all the money and the ones behind the crisis to begin with. How else do you get debts that are 10-20 times total national income besides derivatives?

The bankers in America can't even get "a haircut". Oh no, you have to pay for their losses.

Also interestingly enough. There are warrants in Iceland out for the arrest of several top bankers who were behind the Iceland collapse. A few of these bankers are living in Britain and America.


I am not surprised. Let the market work!


Why isn't this happening everywhere? I hope to fucking God those guys are found, prosecuted, and killed in prison. If I did the same thing on a much smaller scale I would surely be caught and put away for life.


I can tell you the reason why it isn't happening in America....Wall Street is Washington. The bankers have assumed command of the country. Our politicians are pawns to do the bidding of the finance oligarchs.

Change is not going to happen from the top down. The only way things are going to change is from the bottom up.


As long as the politicians bow to the needs of the money people and then spin info outa control, purposefully confusing the general population, this shit will never be resolved and will happen again because there are no consequences.

Our (Irish) politicians are pawns in a bigger game that is being played by the money people in Europe and the US. People on the ground just dont understand.

Your point about the Icelandic bankers being held accountable and then arrested for their actions was reported here (only momentarily) and then disappeared off the news radar mmm interesting!

We dont want Paddy getting the right idea now do we...


It's so unfortunate that most people don't understand why things are the way they are. The media likes to paint the picture that it's the union's fault, the workers fault or the common man's fault that the economy collapsed.

The media never points out that the bankers and politicians (whatever side they are on) are the ones to blame and who need to be held accountable. Mainly the bankers are to blame though. This is exactly what happens when you have giant central banks and fiat currencies. The bankers will rule the world. They will asset strip and destroy everything to satisfy their lust for wealth and power.

We went from Kings and Emperors to Kaisers and Czars to Presidents and Dictators.

The new ruling elite are Bankers.


^^^^^ I don't think people are in the dark here. I just think we're all too cowardly to do anything and if you do stand up and say something your a conspiracy theorist or whatever.


Funny isnt it, when you say something like "its the banks controlling gov" etc. people are like wtf, are you some sort of conspiracy nut or something? "The government is the highest power in the land"???

People are very uncomfortable with the notion that their government can be bought and are being bought, so they outrightly reject that idea as conspiracy theory.

Ireland is FUCKED!

Media reports suggest that it is 'Irelands own fault' and that 'we' are spreading economic contagion (I'm loving the words they use btw) throughout the euro zone. The reality is 'private' banks borrowed big money from euro money people (Germany, UK etc.) and now those same banks must pay these boys back, with interest, but they cant! Now we the Irish people have to tow the line for the banks mistakes, like it was our fault? It is so fuckd up it beggars belief.

Some people need to go down for this big time, but alas, this is Ireland so that wont ever happen. Skulduggery and getting one up on the next fella is part of the Irish psyche so we will never see change until this way of thinking changes


It is amazing isn't it. There are 3 main Irish Zombie Banks that are literally dragging the entire country into ruin: Allied Irish Bank (AIB), Bank of Ireland (BoI) and Anglo Irish Bank.

The bankers and politicians of Ireland are conspiring with the IMF, the Federal Reserve and the other main central banks of Europe to asset strip the entire country. They want to impose brutal austerity measures on the population to pay off the bad bets of the 3 Irish Zombie Banks.

I say fuck the banks. What, the entire country has to collapse so these 3 banks can be saved? Fuck the banks, fuck their derivatives and fuck their speculation. Let them go broke and then take their CEO's and string them up by the balls. These are evil men. These are the real terrorists. They bring untold misery and ruin.