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Iced Green Tea

Just wanted to pass this on. I tried the “Iced Mint Green Tea” recipe in T-mag’s Reader Mail this week and it’s great! Like the person who wrote the letter, I never liked the hot kind, but this stuff is really good. Try it!


I love to make iced green tea. I’ll fill a tea kettle and throw 4-5 tea bags in a picture, pour the water, steep for 5 minutes, remove the bags and just put it right into the refrigerator.

I love the break from water.

I find that with the iced version, I like the taste enough to not even use splenda.

That recipe actually got me drinking the hot stuff again. I have a huge box of the stuff and I’d forgotten about it. Perhaps I’ll try the iced version when I can’t stand it this way anymore.

I couldn’t stand green tea until I picked up some Bigelow Earl Grey Green tea. A little Splenda and it tastes great.