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Iced Green Tea



I'm a huge green tea drinker, and just sort of ended up buying multiple 64 oz bottle of unsweetened green tea a day.

Well that's not very cost effective, so I started brewing my own. Problem is I'm getting sort of a fishy odor from the brewed tea. It's okay when it's really cold/just out of the fridge or really well iced, but once it approaches room temp it's near undrinkable.

I assume I'm doing something wrong in the brewing process. Basically I was just sticking 4 or so tea bags in a 64oz container and letting it "sun brew" 'till the coloring looked familiar.

Any thoughts?



try more bags. 1 bag for 16 oz isn't very much.

also, beware of kidney stones drinking that much tea...


Steep it properly for 4 minutes or so.


Really? Never heard that.


I drink cold green tea everyday. Put 8-10 bags in a tea pot with water, brew it for a while then put it in a glass pitcher in the fridge. Bromley is the brand i usually use


after doing some searching, it looks like green tea is safe as far as kidney stones go. excessive black tea can lead to stones... got my tea facts crossed up.


From someone that has stones...

There are 101 reasons/causes that I've been told and read. I've had 3 different urologists tell me different things. One being genetic, and that is the one I'm going with, aunt and grandfather have them.

If you are worried, get an XRay, if it comes back negative, stop worrying.


i love green tea, though hot green tea is my preference.
however, i slowed drinking it because of a article i read in MD once a long time ago.
the article said that it hindered testosterone production.
is this true? or just some hearsay bs?


I've heard the opposite, and green tea is supposed to be a test booster...

And while I didn't know about the kidney stones thing, I do know that black tea is highly acidic while green tea is alkaline, so in that context it makes sense that black tea would contribute while green tea would not.


MD says that test is produced through a oxidation process and the specific anti-oxidents in green tea prohibit that from occurring.
some others say that it does, but not in a significant amount.
google "green tea testosterone" and its in one of the first results


That smell is normal with any high quality green tea I have ever used. Throw in a bag of jasmine or mint tea just to help with the flavor and smell. That should do the trick.