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Ice Tub For Recovery

Does anyone know where online i can purchase a resonable priced tub that I have seen in videos and movies that they fill with Ice for recovery? I have tried a bathtub but can get deep enough in it to cover up to my neck. also is there any extra items one needs or just the tub.


Nope, If all else fails you could call a local college and then as the head athletic trainer where to order from.

Trash can works. It’s what we’ve used during football summer camps.

Trash can sounds feasible, cheap too.

wouldn’t a cold shower do the trick?

How useful are those ice baths?

Any danger of catching a cold or hypothermia?

I’ve always been intriguing by it, but let’s face it, it seems a little extreme.

I’ve seen steel tubs like the ones in training rooms around barns; try a farm supply store.