Ice Shaker Bottle

Ice Shaker Bottle

Ice Shakers are double-wall vacuum insulated, sweatproof, and leakproof. To mix protein powder, add the agitator to blend with ease.

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I’ve got 2 of these: one for work and one for home. They’re a fantastic product! My favorite use of them is to pre-make a Metabolic Drive shake before bed in it, and when I inevitably wake up in the middle of the night to pee, I slam the shake afterwards. It’s still cool and delicious, and Metabolic Drive mixes well enough that it doesn’t get clumpy in the bottle.

The “middle of the night” shake idea is actually something I picked up from Dan John in his “Mass Made Simple” book. I’ve been doing that for several months now. I feel like, along with getting in more protein, it has been helping me sleep better. The only downside is, if I wake up another time in the middle of the night, I’m disappointed I don’t have another shake to drink…because they’re pretty delicious.


My kid is in a flag football team with the company founder’s kid (founder is Chris Gronkowski, Rob’s brother). They’re good people and it’s a good product. It froths the shake a little much for my taste but I use 50/50 egg white & water, so that may be why.

The flip top model (one at the top of the thread) is the one to get, we got a promotional one that was a smaller size and the opening was too narrow to my liking so felt like I was sipping instead of getting liquid in when working out.

They also have a really nice 128oz jug though it’s $$$

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