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Ice Cream/ Grow! Coconut

Well in my search to fill moms chocoholic sweet tooth I think I have found a winner snack that I thought some of you might enjoy. If you have an ice cream maker that is.

Its very simple and DAMN it taste good.

10 scoops Low-Carb Chocolate Grow!

1 can coconut milk unsweetened

3 cups water.

(optional addition) pinch of stevia, dash salt, tbl spoon unsweet baker coco, and a tbl spoon decaf instant coffee (this makes it like Jamocha MMMMM!)

Oh, I also added a heaping tsp of guar gum to the water and opre mixed it. This is not a must but does help it when melting stay thicker.

OK just mix all the above together. I actualy did it in an old Surge container and a hand mixer. Then cool it. Hour or two in fridge or freexer, Throw it in the ice cream maker and in no time you have a batch of delight LOL

I broke it into 5 servings with each having a breakdown of=

carbs=8g sugars 2g

the whole of the batch comes up to well 5 times that lol a total of 1700 k/cals. You could break it into smaller or largeer servings to fit your needs.

Just made it today but I imagine this and similar are pretty endless, including vanilla, and any other flavor by adding extracts, etc…

Hope you like it,