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Icarus Netflix Documentary

Has anyone seen this? I saw it today. Its about the russian doping skandale that started in '08 and got Russia expelled from the olymics,they do an experiment and puts a serious cyclist on a HGH and testosterone protocol,he has nice gains after some months,and are keeping up with the 10 best in a cycle-race in France,but his gearshifter brakes and his rankings fall,but it anyways showed how effective this protocol was,he gained about 20-25% endurance/strength.

The ‘mad scientist’ in this dokumentary is funny as hell lol! I dont remember his name right now…

They also focus on the production of steroids and how the quality was/is top notch made in china,china was told by the international sports team to stop the bulk-production of steroids,officially they did…:slight_smile:

Also touch on other topics regarding doping/steroids in sports. Wada is questioned also. See it.