Ibutamoren and horrible sleep

Just finished my 2nd 3-month cycle of Ibutamoren. I was taking 25mg/daily, right before bed, as prescribed.

During both cycles (spaced 3 months apart from each other), I noticed that my sleep pattern was heavily disrupted. I had no issues falling asleep, but I would wake up numerous times throughout the night and struggled to fall back asleep.

I did switch it up this 2nd time around and tried taking it first thing in the morning, but that did nothing to help with the sleep issues. Also, starting taking melatonin, and still woke up numerous times throughout the night.

I know one of the claims of Ibutamoren use is improved sleep, but that was definitely not the case for me. I doubt I will take it again. The shitty sleep seems to outweigh any positive effects I experienced.

Anyone else have a similar experience with Ibutamoren?

I found MK677 to be too stimulating to take at night