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IBUR-Type Jogs vs. Weight Vest Walks


I'm wondering which might help more in terms of fat loss (I'm 5'10, 240 lbs)

Right now I'm on the T-Dawg diet and doing a 5x5 weight lifting routine.

I want to add in a secondary workout and was wondering which one might be more effective.

One of them is the IBUR (interval build-up running) that CT talks about in his Beast Evolves series.

Now I'm wondering, if I were to gradually work up to full sprints for each interval, would that also be effective?

What I mean is, the first interval, I would try to do a full sprint, but I'm sure the next one I'm probably only going to be 80% effective, and less as I go on.

Would this 15 minute workout be effective?

Or would I be better off doing a 45 minute to 1 hour walk with a weight vest (let's say I gradually work up to 80+ lbs of weight).

Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks!


I'd go w/ the weight vest. I think you are heavy enough, where jumping into a high impact running program might cause some injury.

Let the diet and weight training get some of the weight off, then experiment with working up to sprints.

Some other things to try might be bear crawls or crab walks, body weight squats, pushups, and other such activities interspersed w/ your walking. Won't be as boring, and you may be able to get some type of interval effect, without the impact of running.


Thanks! That's what I was thinking too. And those other workouts look interesting, I'll check them out.


How long have you been on the diet, and what results (in terms of pounds lost) have you seen? If results are fine so far, you may not need to add cardio at all, and you can save it for when you hit a legit plateau.

They both work fine. If you're not used to doing cardio, I'd start with weighted (or unweighted) walks, and after a few weeks, progress to more intense interval work.

Thib's actually had a solid, complete cardio plan a while back:

With sprints, it's the intent that's important. No, you may not be physically moving as fast on sprint #2 as you were on sprint #1, but as long as you're digging in and moving as fast as possible, that's what counts... as long as your "sprint" doesn't become a glorified jog.

Plus, that's half the reason for the recovery interval. If you can't get pretty close to a repeat performance, either increase the recovery time or end the training session.

A weighted vest isn't like resistance training. I'd rather you keep the weight generally consistent (start with something challenging, but doable) and increase either the duration or speed.


I'd agree with the first poster. Don't risk injuries with anything too high impact. I've got bad knees, and I can't run too much, so to get the cardio and burn calories I put a weight vest on and walk up hills (the bigger the better). It's surprising how hard it gets even with 20% or so of your body weight.

Go with a weight vest and walking for longer periods. That way you don't have too much of a risk of injury and you'll burn that weight off.