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I train in the morning at 4 am before long days of tree work. Come 3 pm I was getting really sore so I started taking ibuprofen post workout. It has been a life saver as far as the soreness goes. But i am at a plateau with my training and I was wondering if anyone knows if there is a drawback of taking 200 mg of ibuprofen post training.

And if so, are there any alternatives?


interestingly enough, there’s actually some evidence to suggest that taking an anti-inflammatory after exercise can stop the body adapting to the demands of the workout.

I don’t know that much about it, but it’s worth reading up on if you’re interested.


There is an article on this site from the last year. NSAIDs prevent the inflammation response that removes damaged cellular materials through the lymphatic system. Ice also slows lymphatic drainage. The authors recommend movement, massage and actually heat to speed lymphatic drainage. The problem with heat really only occurs if there is bleeding in the tissue. Ice slows the blood flow, and blood can damage connective tissue.

I would say that barring bruising, muscular pain should be dealt with using heat, and movement and massage. NSAIDs and Ice should only be used for chronic joint pain (inflammation leading to more inflammation), or if you have an acute injury to muscle like a true strain or tear.




Great article. Thanks everyone


I’ve had some success in reducing muscle soreness with contrast showers. Basically, take a hot shower to promote blood flow, and loosen up, then slam the cold. Its supposed to help  lymphatic drainage by causing a rush of blood flowing through the muscles toward the core. Its possible broscience, but its helped me some, especially back and shoulders.


Dude, Dont take nsaids for doms


holy lol. way to slow muscle growth


Want “non insane” doms? Dont workout. wtf. I welcome being sore as fuck