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IBS Diet Plan? Specific Carbohydrate Diet Help

Okay so I’ve narrowed down what was bloating me, I’ve had constipation from IBS all these years, This didn’t seem a red flag to me since I’d been suffering from IBS my whole life, Hence the bloated abs from my other threads, I’ve started the SCD diet and I have felt like it is helping me as my bloating has gone way down, This means I cannot have carbs such as Pastas, Rices, Breads, Potatoes and only from veggies and fruits (Sucks to be me) but ever since I’ve joined this forum it changed my life as I’ve made results and my career plans took a total U turn for this as I have that much passion for the sport so I will happily stick to this diet just like I have done with Beef and Rice for the past few months.

My diet goes as follows
06:30AM 4 Slices of Bacon + 500g Greek Yoghurt 760Cals

09:30AM 4 Large Hard Boiled Eggs + 100g of Minced Beef + 60g Cheddar Cheese (720Cals)

12:30PM Same as 09:30AM (720Cals)

3-4PM 4 Eggs (286Cals)

6-7PM Minced Beef + Smoothie (Banana and Strawberry + Coconut Milk) (320Cals)

8-10PM 120g Tuna in Sunflower Oil + Mayonaise (710Cals)

This totals to around 3,500 Calories which isn’t a good surplus (For me) to be in when bulking… I was wondering what foods would be SCD legal and good carb sources to add in my diet to be in the range of 50-150g of carbs per day so I don’t get lethargic, Also too much fibre could potentially bloat me ( The whole reason I want to do this diet ) but 30g is good for digestive health, Most of the carbs from fruit tend to be sugar… Would that still keep me lean?

Also if anyone knows how I could reduce the saturated fat into good fats would be greatly appreciated, The biggest factor is the cheddar cheese ( There are few cheeses you can eat on SCD ) Would just adding say 3 tablespoons of cooking oil to my meat when cooking absorb it therefore adding good fats?

-How many grams of carb are in your diet now?

-Sugar itself is not an issue in terms of physique. How it makes you feel is another question and too much fructose from fruit is not good either.

-There is nothing wrong with saturated fat.

Good point, it is just that most of it (around 100g is)

Probs like 20g and a little sugar :confused: … Which I understand every macro has its placed in a balanced diet (Obvs not Bruce Jenner fats) so carbs are needed.

Yes another issue with fruit, Do you think it would change the composition if I blended it… I heard it does or is that just BS?

I’m trying to adopt a Ric Drasin/70’s style diet High Fats, Low Carbs but the carbs being there not really as a bulking tool but as a minimum as I heard mixing lots of carbs and lots of fat makes you fat. (But the main reason is obviously my IBS)

Aren’t high fat diets generally not good for people with IBS?

The doctors generally say “Dirty Food” because they think I won’t understand… That’s saturated fat but I’m not sure if it seems to affect me really… We’ll see.

Well if you want to try high fat and keep carbs lower. The easiest thing to do for your issues would be to eat berries as they are lowest in sugar so, you can eat a higher amount of them and you could add honey to your greek yogurt especially pre-wo out if you want a little kick of energy.

2-3 cups of veggies, 2-3 cups of frozen berries, and 1-2 TBSP of honey in your greek yogurt should get you to 100-150 grams of carbs.

You could also try certain Legumes but, as you are trying to keep fiber in check you would have to carefully monitor your reaction to them.

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Thank you so much, and I think that Honey idea pre workout may work, and a post workout smoothie with protein… Is this because sugar would spike my insulin helping me build more muscle (Obviously a tiny amount but every little helps) just not sure if that’s true or false.

No, carbs post training has been largely debunked they are not needed. For the stimulation muscle/protein synthesis 20 g of protein should be enough and in the case of glycogen replenishing there was only some help to high endurance athletes. That is not to say that you can not enjoy carbs after training just that it is not necessary. If you want to save your berries for after training you definitely can do that. I myself prefer to save a good portion of my carbs for the meal after training.

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Hello random! IBS Diet works great! One of my friend tried IBS diet and lose weight over a short period of time. It is recommended to drink plenty of water throughout the day. One can include
low calorie vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, celery and nuts like walnuts, Indian nuts. And also don’t get stressed out while trying to be healthy.
Hope this could help you!

Sorry I am trying to gain currently at 155, I realized this diet is very bad for bulking so I got hold kf a very strong pro biotic and it helped me

Walnuts and nut skins can trigger IBS in some people, also egg whites.

Get some naturally fermented veggies like salt brined pickles and cabbage.

Is coconut oil, olive, macadamia, avocado, red palm, ghee OK?

You might try plantains or green banana flour. Pure tapioca flour and potato starch can be put in drinks or little pancakes. Some people get IB from potato and tapioca but they tend to be low irritant. Are sweet potatoes ok? With IBS you may want to remove potato/sweet potato skins. You can also by MCTs which tend to be less irritating than whole saturated fats. I would avoid canola by high oleic safflower and high oleic sunflower may be OK. Fish oil may be an IB irritant but they are worth including, but the more concentrated the better. 4 Flameout per day will give optimal DHA and EPA for a male. No need to take more.

Your gut flora will turn pectin, cellulose and resistant starch into short chain fatty acids which are gut protectant.