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IBodybuilder vs HP Mass Program?


This may seem like a silly question but how does the I Bodybuilder program compare to the Pressing workouts recently posted and the Lats and Bi fatigue workouts? Are they just different type of workouts that you can use to alternate over a period of time? or does one workout suit particular training goals?


Isn't I, Bodybuilder a set of principles rather than a particular routine? The HP mass program seemed to be another extension of it.


@ ava35 - I was wondering the same thing. I'm on my 2nd round of doing I,Bodybuilder until the new HP Mass Program is fully posted. MytchBucanan is right...the principles in IBB are indeed the foundation. I have experienced great gains when following IBB; and I'm looking forward to getting into HP Mass after Phase 5. Personally, I hope they dedicate a section of the site to HP Mass like with IBB. CT keeps great things coming. :slightly_smiling: