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IBodybuilder, Maybe I Missed Something


why does it look like a power lifting program? is it for bodybuilders who want to spark new growth from a pL program?

Or is it considered a BB program because of the volume?


Yes, the volume is what gives it that bodybuilding feel. Personally however my strength went up much more than my mass gains. I think IBodybuilder is great for a lagging muscle group. My shoulders were always my week point and after doing the shoulder portion for 2 weeks i noticed a huge difference in overall strength and size


CT's background is in Olympic lifting. He also explained where complexes came from. So, of course, the answer is obvious.

I've done two full sets of iBB and have nothing but good things to say. As mentioned above, your strength will go up. I also put on quality mass. Funny thing is apart from changing a few exercise, I did it as is. I really enjoyed that program.


Those complexes are beast.

I've done 3 rep lifts a few times. I usually do 5+ reps or 10 reps with lots of sets(volume)

Think i might stick with a more traditional BB scheme for a while then maybe try this. Sounds pretty good. Just not into my strength right now.

  • Anyone post any before and after pictures? Cause i mean it's suppose to be designed for size. so numbers are only half of benefit.....