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Iberobolics Underdosed?


What are your opinions on the Iberobolics brand. I've used their test enanthate, cypionate, and liquid dianabol. I honestly feel they are very underdosed. I tried the freezer test on the enanthate 250, and it barely clouded up. When I took the combination of enanthate at 750 mgs. per week and dianabol at 50 mgs a day it gave me almost no noticable results, and I had just done that same cycle with the same products from other companies a few months earlier and got great results in size and strength.

A friend of mine said he read in Anabolics 2007 that Iberobolics' dianabol had only .5 milligrams per cc instead of 50 like it claimed, is there any validity to this?


I think you answered your own question. If I personally did a cycle of 750 mg of test and 50 mg of d bol per day and gained next to nothing the gear was fake without a doubt. You didnt mention as to how long you took this product. But if there were next to no gains in 4-6 weeks then its pretty much just some good quality sterile oil.


Hey, at least they used sterile oil! Some people wouldn't even do that.


I practically wrote something like that after I re read the post.


Yeah, good Samaritans they are.


p.s. I also did an anadrol and cypionate cycle a year ago from Iberobolics for a powerlifting competition at 50mgs. of anadrol per day and 750 mgs. per week of cypionate and I remember only gaining maybe 20lbs on my bench over the course of 6 weeks.

I believe Iberobolics has either already been busted or is about to get busted, and therefore everything left out there probably contains only inert ingredients.