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IBB + Ring Work?


Just got myself a pair of rings, and am eager to add some hypertrohpy specific ring work to my gym routines. Wondering whether IBB would be a good base routine to add ring work to and whether anyone else has tried this? Im currently undecided between a HPmass + rings and IBB + rings combo. Rings would in both cases be added as a separate workout on 'off' days or as a second PM worout.


Im no expert in this area, but just a warning regarding ring work; apparently it can be very stressful on the shoulder joint, so if you were to start on rings I would take things very slowly, and maybe get some coaching on technique etc.



Thanks for the feedback. It is something i will definately take into consideration in terms of both joint straing and training volume. I am doing alot of research into the appropriate progressions for ring work.


I recommend you buy Coach Sommers' basic ring strength book.

google it


You mean 'building the gymnastic body'? I probably will, and while that would sort me out for the ring peogressiion i would still like to hear some opinions on combining ring work with HP mass or IBB


I work with rings every once in awhile. At the moment I'm in the second week of IBB. Of course this is my experience but ring work was out of the question during the shoulders phase, and I'm not feeling inclined to use them during the back phase either. The stress on the joints from the explosive repititions is enough in and of itself. When I first began doing ring work, I injured my shoulder, and feel that I would do so again while on this program. Good luck.


I don't have any experience with IBB, but I've done a few cycles of HP Mass and I've got a decent amount of experience with rings (for someone who never did gymnastics seriously).

If you were going to include some ring work into your HP mass exercise selections (like ring push-ups for one of your Upper Body pressing exercises for example), then I think it would theoretically be possible. Realize though that you shouldn't be doing the ring exercises explosively (like CT advocates that you do for Upper Body pressing exercises on HP mass) so you might not get the same benefits as if you were to use more traditional lifts. Then again ring work does take a lot more total body coordination and tension so maybe it wouldn't be an issue.

I would not advise adding additional workouts involving ring work to HP mass, unless perhaps you had already done many cycles of it and felt that you had lots of extra energy to add in more workouts though out the week.

As far as ring work and injuries, if you do the correct progressions that shouldn't be an issue. People generally get hurt because they try to rush ahead to exercises that they aren't ready for. I'd second the recommendation of getting Coach Sommers's book as it will point you in the right direction as far as progressions go.

Good luck.