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IBB, Change in Workouts Days


Hi, I am from Chile, sorry about mi english, I try to make my best.
here is the deal:
I want to star the IBB program, but I cant train on weekends, so what can i do?

can I do the 5 days, but consecutive with out a rest day.
I mean, workout from Monday to Friday and have rest in the weekend.
I ask that because the wednesday and friday workouts are specialization workouts, and maybe is to much effort to the target muscle, if I do it consecutive.




Do 5 days in a row or another program.


I think im going to do specialization-body-specializatoin-body-specialization, to give rest to the specialization muscle


Don't need a play by play. Just do it.


yes, i will do it. I was just asking to do it the best way i can. And i think that is better to do it like the way i said before,because of the rest time of the specialization muscle. I only want to know that which is the best way.