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IASTM for Scar Tissue

Mark asks:

My name is Mark and am a DPT, CSCS. I wanted an opinion from a T-Nation therapist about IASTM (Graston or ASTYM) and its ability to break up scar tissue. I know foam rolling and other myofascial release techniques won’t break up scar tissue, but other therapists in my field are convinced a tool assisted STM will do the trick. I’m not convinced. Please respond, I would really love to know others opinions or facts.

There’s really no debate here. Science is EXTREMELY clear. Anecdotal study is EXTREMELY clear. There is little to ZERO mechanical breakdown of scar tissue formation with IASTM it is 99.9% neurological reduction of relative muscular tone.

Additional info: https://www.t-nation.com/training/the-absolute-best-and-worst-therapy-methods