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Ians Great Guns Program, Questions...

Do them on separate days with about 2-3 days in between. I got great developement on my tri’s, but my biceps seemed to shrink a bit on the max strength phase. I may need to customize the workout for my bi’s.

Ok, i’m gonna be nice, i’m gonnnnaaa be niiice. Apparently you need to go back to high school because you must be a little lacking in the reading department. In the article it states you do program A and B on separate days. And to answer your other post with this one it also states in the article that your other work outs should drop in intensity and volume because of the arm specialization, therefore if you need help in both areas i would suggest a more holistic program.

Forgive me!!!, I cut and pasted it to ‘word’, and thought I got all of it,and no fox I don’t need to go back to high school, I graduate in May with my MBA.

Yeah - I had pretty good gains on the program, and managed to fit in Charles Poliquin’s One Day Arm Cure after a rest week once I’ve finished. That caused some decent growth, but it may have been more effective after the 12 weeks to Super Strength series, which has a lower volume. Just some thoughts…

no, ian is pretty clear in his write up that you do A on one day and B approx. 3-4 days later “when you can wipe your own ass again” to be exact. it’s a great program…good luck!

You’ll expect SERIOUS gains on this one. I added 3/4 inch to both arms in 6 weeks (I think a bunch was blood volume, but it looked good), then I had to quit due to an elbow injury sustained at work and watch them shrink down, but I still kept over half an inch. Good luck with the DOMS though.