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Ians 12 week strength program

I recently read Ian King’s 12 week super strength program for the upper body, and was looking for some insight on how effective this program is. I’m looking for a good upper body workout, and I know some of you T men have tried this one and some others. Ian’s program seems pretty unique, but I don’t want to waste 12 weeks if not effective. So does anyone have experience with this program or better programs good or bad?

Just do it! I’m almost finished with phase 3 of the Super Stregth program and I must admit it is the most disciplined approach I’ve ever used in the gym. You should try it out almost for that reason alone. If you should decide to try it you should be prepared to take a copy of it into the gym with you. Also,before you set foot in the gym you should review it thoroughly so you’ve got a clue and can stick with the recommended rest intervals. At the beginning on the phases I find it still takes a little more time to get through because you are asked to perform warm ups at specific percentages, and if you’re like me, you’re not sure just what your working weight will be until you get in there and see how you feel. However once you’ve been through it you have established base line levels you can project from thus minimizing your figuring time. One other thing, if at all possible try to go to the gym when you know it won’t be as crowded because there are lots of supersets involved with little to no rest in between. Do this… Just try the first 4 weeks-3 of phase 1 and 1 of phase 2. You should be able to assess your progress and determine if the program is right for you. If not then you’re only out 1 month and how much can you lose given that you’re still training rather than taking off a month? One other thing if you do try it, make it an honest T-man effort. Obey the tempo prescription and rest intervals. You’re gonna hurt buddy! It is totally worth the pain. Got Balls?