Ian's 12 - Week Programs

I need some help clearing up something. If a am currently doing both the upper and lower body versions of bring the pain together, am I going to be giving enough work to my arms and calves? Or would I have to do the great guns program after the 12-Week Phase ends. Please help, this question has been bothering me for a while.

You might wanna add in some calf work somewhere in the routine, maybe on an off day. But I found my arms grew fine. Don’t be too stressed about doing Great Guns right after, they’ll grow. Cheers.

I do calves and abs on one to two of my off days as described in the Ancillary Training article in T-mag.

in Ian King’s book “Get Buffed” he has some really painful, but very effective routines to add to the “bring the pain” workouts(for abs, traps, calves etc.). Definitely do not add the great guns workout to it. In my opinion, unless your juicing big time…you aint gonna make it.