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Ian King's video

Hi, I was wondering if anyone has ordered the video by Ian King (Killer Leg Exercises) available in the Biotest store. I’m specifically interested in demonstrations of Olympic lifts like the back/front squat, deadlift, clean, etc. I’m just starting to incorporate some of these lifts into my routine, and would like to have a reference for form. I don’t have a training partner or coach in my area who could check out my form, so I thought I’d get a good video, and check form by comparison.

Any other suggestions are welcome.

I have the video, and if you’ve never done these movements before, I highly recommend it. King illustrates some very subtle hip alignment issues which really can’t be explained adequately via text.

This is a decent instruction video. It is a thumbs up especially if you’re just getting started with the movements. Get the form down right…now.