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Ian King's Upper Body Workout

Im starting Ian king’s 12 weeks upper body workout. Just a question in phase 1 am i really only supposed to do 1 sets of 3 different chest excercises (plus warm ups). Or am i reading it wrong? Im sure there is something to his thinking but it does not seem right. Thanks to those who reply with real answers.

That’s right, you do each tri-set only once. Trust me, if you’re doing it right (very slowly), it is enough.

Im going to do the upper body workout in conjuntion with Ian King’s “Increase your vertical jump” Is this a good combination? I am 180lbs, looking for mass as well as strength. Thanx

You’re reading it right! I’ve recently begun King’s 12 week upper body workout (chest/back focus) also. King is trying to build your smaller, assistant muscles (notice forearms are worked first!) in the first 3 week cycle to build a solid base for subsequent strength gains. I’m not counting on any great strength OR size gains during these 3 weeks, but during the next 3 week cycle we should begin to see some serious gains. You CAN combine this program with King’s vertical leap program. Keep me posted on how it works out for you.

Can some one post his workout? Or link it?

Do a search in the previous issues sections. He outlines a 12 week upper body program, a 12 week lower body program, an abs program, and also a bring the pain series I think which gives you set parameters but within them you write your own program.

So definetly do a search in the previous issues section...

I’m at the end of phase 2 of the king program in question and it’s a very, very good program. Week one of phase felt very easy, but if you up the weights sufficiently by phase 3 this workout will just plain out hurt. Right now i’m able to squeeze out 5 reps at 245 ( and i felt i could have gotten 2-3 more) compared to struggling to press 215 3 times before i began. Press on man!

Sounds good. I am going to Nature’s Best creatine-xx(10 g creatine, 5g glutamine, 2g d-ribose) now should i wait till Phase 2 to start takuing it when the workout does become difficult or start right away? My 1RM benching is 220. I would really like to hit 250 for june. Will the XX help me? -Cross