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Ian Kings Split

Can anyone tell me or direct me to how Ian King splits up bodyparts (ie vertical pulling / pushing) or how you split your training up for 4 days per week? thanks

Ian uses a wide variety of splits. But here’s one example of a King influenced 4 day split:

Monday: Quad dominant leg day

Tuesday: Chest and Back

Wed: off

Thursday: Hip dominant leg day

Friday: Arms and Shoulders

Usually it’s like this:
horizontal pulling/pushing day 1

quad dominant day 2

rest- day 3

vertical pulling pushing- day 4

hip dominant- day 5

rest day 6

rest day 7

You can split it up however you want to as long as you pay attention to the balance between horizontal pushing and pulling.....vertical pushing and pulling....hip dominant and quad dominant.

thanks guys – where do biceps and triceps fit in?

Remember Ian King is a strength and conditioning specialist for elite level athletes. In the world of athletics the biceps and triceps don’t function alone but in synergism with pushing muscles for the triceps and pulling muscles for the biceps. So if you get your pushing and pulling muscles balanced the balance between the bis and tris should come as well.