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Ian King's programs - report your results

Just wondering who has tried King’s 12 week upper and lower body programs on this site. What were your results in terms of: a) strength gains; b) muscle mass gain; c) sports conditioning, if applicable. My goal is primarily to gain strength, with muscle mass as a secondary goal. Also, is it possible to do the two programs together, or would that likely result in overtraining?


Good strength gains, also yes, you can do both together.

12 weeks to SS added 35lbs to my bench and qutie a bit to my chins. Zero size gains.

Did Ian Kings 12 Weeks To SuperStrength for four weeks quit it,after I didn’t get stronger,at least in the bench press,I think I actually got weaker in the bench press. I did gain good size though in the upper body.
a:shitty program for strength gains
B:excellent program for gaining muscle mass
C:bad for sports conditioning you gain unneccessary muscle mass,that doesn’t make you stronger
I think the programs bad because it has you lift for many reps and sets at too low of a intensity.

interesting…i was able to increase my strength and muscle mass…If others didnt increase much mass its probably cuz they didnt stick with the program, didnt eat enough, or probably was already “overtraining” before starting the program…as for sports conditioning def. makes you more “stiffer”…couldnt really “swing” a golf club afterwards

I followed his program to a “T” and saw phenomenal strength and size gains. I’m not sure about the exact numbers, though. Let’s just say I got bigger with this 12-week program than with any other 12-weeks program. King knows what he’s talking about. If someone did this program without much strength and size gains it was probably due to sub-par nutrition. Eat big and you should see incredible gains. Super Strength and Limping can definitely go together as a 12-weeks program. Follow his program as closely as you can, don’t try to analyze and argue with what he has you do. Much of it goes against what most bodybuilders “know”. There’s a reason for every single thing he prescribes–including the high-rep, low-weight exercises.

I’ve started the 4th phase of the upper and lower body programs. It works really well, mostly for mass increases, and some increase in strength. I’ve probably put on about 6 lbs over 9 weeks, and it wasn’t fat. I’m now squatting 285 and above, which 9 weeks ago I wouldn’t have dared try. I agree you need to eat properly - nothing unusual about that. It’s an interesting program in that it forces you to go through periodisation stages, using supersets, unilateral work, very heavy weights, and more usual rep ranges, something I hadn’t been too good at doing myself. Ian knows what he is talking about - read carefully his opening comments about the aims of each routine, and you’ll learn something of how the body works. I can’t wait to start his second 12 week program. Now, if only he would write programs about getting ready for contests…

Arniem, when are you going to start “Bring on the Pain”? I’m going to start it the first week of February while cycling Mag-10 throughout the program (not a continuous 12-week cycle). Let me know how your progress is coming once you get started.

I should be starting the second program at the start of Jan, after taking the obligatory week off that Ian insists that one takes! I’ve learned that Ian has a reason for everything in his routines, so if he wants you to rest, or stretch out, or take less than 10 seconds to change exercise, or whatever, just do what he says, and you won’t be disappointed. I’ll also start a Mag-10 cycle early on in the second program. As well as wishing he would draw up a program for those interested in cutting for a contest, I’d like to hear what he has to say about the different diets that are out there, and what he has seen work and not work. Now there’s an idea for an article…

I’m starting the final week of the program…haven’t really noticed much of a strength gain in chest. Have increased my chins though. Put on about 10 lbs. Overall, I still think it’s an excellent program.

I have used 12 weeks to Super Strength, The limping series and Great Guns in 12 weeks.

Super Strength was the single best program that I’ve done to achieve increases in both mass and strength. I worked up to a 310lb bench when my previous best was 220lbs.

After doing Super Strength I went on to do Great Guns and put at least an inch maybe an inch and a half on my arm size. My strength went through the roof on arms also.

Stick with it, I will definitely be returning to all of the programs at some stage.


i posted another message earlier about King’s Great Guns workout. basically wanted to find out how people are arranging the 2 non-arm days of training. thinking of quads, pecs, delts, calves on one day and hams, lower back, lats and midback on the other. comments?

I did Super-Strength and Limping simultaneously. If you do this, I’d advise staggering them by a few weeks so you’re not in the same phase of each program at the same time (doing 3 weeks of singles in upper and lower body exercises is hard on the nervous system). I had moderate strength and size increases (I was bulking, but gained more fat than I would have liked). I found the programs good for reinforcing good form as well (i.e. weights didn’t go through the roof, but I was doing moderately more weight with much better form).

If you did not gain size on Ian’s programs, it was most likely your diet.

Awhile back I did “bring the pain” for 12 weeks. Strength went up and I leaned out nicely (my objective at the time). The programs of his keep you on your toes as you’re constantly changing so many of the variables (tempo~reps~rest periods). Great stuff!

I have done the programs together (upper and lower) on a Mon, Wed, Fri, Mon split. Takes ten days for a full rotation, at 43 yoa, and job family etc. that was a good program for me.

The limping series put 30lbs on my squat. I also corrected some imbalances in strength that I didn’t know that I had. Overall i’ve had positive results with all of his programs. Sorry, my training log isn’t here to give you better numbers. The bottom line is I learned something about myself training wise that I did not expect. Because of this all of my training is better.

I finished the Limping program one week ago, and have since had my first post-limping leg workout. I can say that I, and many people I know, noticed the difference in my legs. My thigh increased from 21.5" to 24". My squat went from 180 for 8 reps to 225 for 8. My stiff-legged deads and regular deadlifts also saw similar increases. Granted, I wasn’t the biggest or strongest guy in the gym at the start of this, and I still am not. But the gains were pretty impressive; at least one of the personal trainers from the gym has since signed on to T-Nation!