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Ian King's Limping

I’m gonna be starting the Limping Series next week. I’m wondering what people who have used it did for calves during the 12 weeks? I just finished Diamonds in the Rough and found it excellent, but I think some of the movements (like siffie lounges) will be too taxing on my quads during Limping. Any other suggestions?

Also, I know you can stagger Ian’s Twelve weeks of Super Strength at the same time, but that might kill me (It was tough enough on it’s own). Any other great programs you people have used for upper body at the same time as doing the Limping program?


I did the Limping series along with Super Strength for upper body last fall, right up until Christmas. It’s a great workout. I didn’t need additional calf work because all the single leg lifts work your calves.

There were parts of the workout that I didn’t enjoy, but I stuck with it and now I’m really glad I did. In January, after it was all over, I saw new strength gains that were really exciting.

Now I’m doing OVT and I am LOVING this workout!

I would recommend Ian King’s workouts for just about anybody. Great stuff!

Yeah, what lisa said.

The unilateral leg movements will work your calves more than you think. I wouldn’t add any calf work to that routine. I staggered the 12 Weeks to Super Strength with the Limping series, and thought it was AWESOME. Just use a 4-day split and alternate the Super Strength days with the Limping days, and it works out good.

Good luck!

And ditto. I too staggered both programs without adding extra calf work. They were fine. Ian really really knows what he’s talking about. I’d say the hardest part of both routines was following the instructions exactly, down to form and tempo and when to stop because the rep didn’t count. But I did it as if he was standing beside me watching and the results were phenomenal! I was chuckling today in the gym when I noticed that as crowded as the place was, the squat rack was still empty and unused, as usual. Lucky for me I squat!

Oh yeah, feel free to err on the side of caution when it comes to the rest weeks or half-weeks, which he outlines in Phase IV of the strength. Definitely worth it.

Any suggestions on how hypercaloric I should go while doing the both of them? Only limping?

I’m 5’10" 180 lbs, ~8-9% bf…so my Basal rate according to BW*15-500 (T-dawg calculations) is about 2700. I’ve gone up to 3500-3600 in the past. I was planning on working toward 4000. Should I go much higher? Assuming I’m not terribly carb sensitive, any recommendations on how much of my cals should be coming from carbs during a program like this?

you should have no problems doing both of ians programs together. they were made to be done together. And i think calf training is over rated. I trained my calves like crazy for over a year and then stopped and there were no changes before or after. Ive always had rather large calves though.