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Ian King's Great Guns workout

Anyone hear ever use Ian King’s Great Guns workout? I’m curious as to how you set up your other workout days, since he suggests only using 2 additional days for the rest of the body.

I actually maintained his normal split recommendation, I just shifted emphasis away from the arms on the other days and kept volume down. For example, I’d do wide-grip bench in order to involve more of the chest and less of the triceps, or wide-grip pronated chins as opposed to, say, narrower supinated chins.

But King’s other routines are based on a 4-day split. in the great guns workout, because of the 2 days devoted solely to arms, you have to squeeze the rest of the body into 2 training days. how did you arrange bodyparts on these 2 days? i was thinking quads, pecs, delts, calves on day 1 and hams/lower back, lats, midback and traps on day 2. my reasoning for this is he is a big advocate for splitting legs, and this way back training is confined to a single day.

Easy…just do meltdown-type exercises. Meltdown covers everything except arms really well, so I’d start with MD, and create something suitable from there.

Here is one thing you could do: Take your free days and devote them to the bodyparts which are lagging behind, so you’re specializing them as well as your arms. For example, my military press is comparatively much better than my bench, as is my deadlift better than my squat. So, I could take one free day and devote it to horiz. push/pull, and the other to quad-dominant movements. If, however, you’re pretty balanced, your split idea is good. I would have some difficulty training quads, pecs & delts all in the same day, but if your work capacity is up to it, give it a go.