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Ian Kings Great guns tempo

I’ve been doing Kings workouts for a while now.

I’m on Phase II of great guns.
I just want to clearify I’m doing his tempo correctly.

311 3 seconds to lower the weight, 1 second to pause, 1 second to raise?
Now tempo for all of kings workouts: the 1st # is alwasy lowering the weight (eccentric?), the second # is always a pause, and the last # is always to raise the weight?

So when I do incline DB curls witha twist.
I start with the weights down low. 321 tempo.
Lift with weight in 1 second, pause for 2 seconds, lower the weight in 3 seconds?

Check out the frequently asked questions section. It explains it all.

yep, your doing it right. the thing i hate about tempo though is that sometimes i get caught up making sure i’m lifting at the right speed instead of worrying about just lifting the weight. don’t get me wrong, i’m not saying to ignore the tempo, but i’ve found it works better if instead of counting 1, 2, 3, on the way down i just worry about going “slow” , or if it is a 6 second eccentric i will try to go “really slow”.