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Ian King's Get Buffed

I’ve gotten great results from Ian’s super strength 12 week programs and I’ve got a question about his books. Is Get Buffed a regurgitation of his Limping and Super Strength articles? Should I just get Get Buffed II as this seems to speak more to the philosophy of designing your own programs? I’m a big fan of his articles but not a rich fan and want to get the most bang for my buck. Any help the forum could provide would be appreciated.

Reguritation? No. Similar? Yes.

I have all three books and I love them. If you’ve taken one of his twelve week programs to term, I’d say you should skip on to Get Buffed II. If you’re into powerlifting, strength and Oly lifting than three will be right up your alley.

Number one gives a great base of fundamentals to build upon. Haven’t checked out the others yet.
Kinda like knowing arithmetic before you start learning algebra.