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ian king's get buffed?

is this book worth the $39.00?

depends on what your looking for and your experience level.

but i would say yes.

I would say yes it is. The advantage of having this book is it gives you an idea how to construct your training routines. If you’re a personal trainer, having this knowledge can help you a great deal.

i been messing around with his 12 week program that is found in the past t-mag issues and in the getbuffed home page. the trainning is different then the norm and it feels good. real good!! does the book go beyond the 12 week workout plan?

I’m in the midst of reading the book and intend to post a summary/review when I’m done.

Right now all I can say is that the book has some valuable information. That said, one thing I’m finding is that there are places where I feel he could elaborate more. It seems as though he is sometimes trying to sell more of his books. All in all it’s a good book.

If you’re ordering the book from Canada the book and postage will cost you close to $100.

The book also gives you a 12 week plan, but I haven’t tried it yet.

Yes - if you’re a beginner.

Very good basis for Resistance training - good exercise illustrations/descriptions, some basic nutritional info - although not Berardi’s, but still very effective for someone who isnt advanced - and a whole program for you to follow.

It also gives you some basic info on muscle fibers and how a muscle works.

The catch is - it’s a little basic for those of us who’ve reading up on this for a while now. For everybody else, and all those whove read nothing but Muscle and Fitness it’s a ground-breaker.