Ian King's Get Buffed!

Hi everyone. I was wondering if any of you have purchased and used the Ian King “Get Buffed” book or videotapes? I recently came across it on here (I’m new to the site). I own The Poliquin Principles, and have made some good gains already, but a lot of it is somewhat hard to understand (I believe TC wrote an article about that before that I came across). Well, I was wondering how many of you have used Ian’s book, how it compares to Poliquins book, how your results were, etc. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated…Thanks!


Gavin, it is a great book. I really like the newest version. The first ed was a bit rough but now it is great. It has a very good starting program and goes into form details extesnively. Effectivly if you apply the principles in it you can have workouts from here to eternity. I like it much better than Polquin’s books I found them seriously lacking in new info/ideas.

I own the book and it amazing. I am also in my second week of the get buufed workout as desribed in his book and it is totaly different than anything I have ever done ( alot of bodywieght and unilateral stuff) but what I notice most is the small amount of wieght i have to use to complete the perscibed reps. and right now I am good and sore. So yes buy it!