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Ian Kings Creatine Loading Method

Okay, the last three messages/questions I’ve posted, I’ve gotten not a
single response. Starting to feel unloved! Fourth time’s a charm. Since
Ian King is a hot topic of discussion lately, have any of you tried his
loading method of creatine discussed in the Get Buffed book, going from
10g/day for a week and increasing by 10g daily each week up to 40g/day
for a week and then going back down? He said he has seen virtually a
100 % success rate w. this method. I haven’t responded too well to the
traditional method (20g/day for 5 days, then 5-10g/day after). Feedback
greatly appreciated.

Haven’t tried it yet. Thanks for posting it though. Maybe I’ll give it a shot.

I think I would suffer major “gastric distress”, unless using effervescent or liquid creatine.

personally i don t like creatine.It just doesn t work for me in any way.It is a very potent laxative though.

That’s the point of King’s loading method. Starting small and working up supposedly eliminates this problem. Actually what I posted was based on an 85 kg. person. Whatever dosage you start with, the avg. daily dosage for an 8 wk. cycle is .3 g. per kg. bw. It sounds really interesting to me. Once my diet is done (one more week, AMEN), I’m gonna give it a shot.

Interesting post. I am due for a creatine cycle I will give this a go can anyone tell me a good online place to order creatine from? one you have tried and does international orders

Well being that Biotest doesn’t have a straight creatine powder, any reputable company (EAS, AST, Twin, Prolab, etc) would be good. You’ll need anywhere from 1000-1400 g. to do the cycle as per King’s recommendations. Not sure who does int. orders but Dave’s Power Store and Beyond Muscle are two of the best that I know of.

Teddy KGB, it doesn’t appear as if anyone has tried this yet. I’m planning to give it a go next week as well( when my life calms down a bit and I can make sure I’m keeping my calories up and my training consistent), so I guess we can be the guinea pigs.

Im not sure why anyone would want to use 40g/day of creatine Powder in this day. Something like Ribose-C is more effective and easier to take. I use one serving before i workout and one serving after. Thats 6g of creatine. No need for loading either.

Sounds good to me, I’ve always been one of those “gotta be the first one to try this” types anyway. I have to say I really enjoy King’s insights. I like Poliquin too (German Body Comp is a wonderful fat loss program), but I can relate to King’s stuff more as I’m not an elite athlete or chemically assisted. His Get Buffed book is pretty much the best one I have read on training/nutrition, that and Lyle’s Ketogenic Diet book are my two faves. I would love to see Poliquin write another book but not one that’s just reprinted mumbo-jumbo from MM2K. His best info is actually found in various interviews. I can’t even imagine what his seminars are like.