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Ian Kings creatine advice - experiences ??

In “Get Buffed!” Ian Kings mentions “more advanced methods” of creatine supplementation, averaging ~0.3 g creatine/kg bodyweight on either ascending or descending doses with no loading phase. In my case this would mean 30-35 grams a days as opposed to the usually recommended 5 grams a day.

Has anyone tried this ?? Did you get better results than with the low dose ?? How have you spread the intake over the day ?? Any comments appreciated !!

Awesome question. I was wondering about this as well.

I find the recommended 5g to be very arbitrary. I find that an ingestion proportionate to your bodyweight to be much more effective. Furthermore I personally see creatine as an energy substrate much like glycogen (carbs). So I believe that it is important to maximize the availability of this substrate by consuming relatively high doses of it. research have found that it takes a daily dose of 80-90g for creatine to increase renal stress. So certainly a dose of 30-40g per day is far from excessive, at least as far as health is concerned. In my opinion it is especially important to consume large amounts of creatine when activity level is high. For example, on a day where you lift a lot of weights it is important to increase creatine intake so that you can refill the reserves and allow for creatine surcompensation (much like its important to consume carbs post-workout). On a sidenote I believe that replenishing the energy stores after a training session a) increase the rate of recovery b) stimulate muscle growth. A lot has been said on consuming carbs and protein after a workout but I believe that creatine is just as important. I have myself consumed up to 50g on certain days (at a bodyweight of 225-235lbs @ 9.5-12% bodyfat) but on average I stay in the 25-35g range (0.1 - 0.15g per pound of bodyweight).

Christian, - sounds positive to me ! How much do you take at a time ?? And when do you take it ??

How do you like the book?
I’m thinking of asking for it for X-mas.

Wasn’t it pretty spendy?

Book is awesome and well worth the money. I think I paid $50 including shipping, but you might be able to get it cheaper (here?). It treats all variables relevant for training, from structuring a program (splits, bodyparts, sets, reps, strategies), recovery factors, supplements etc.

I just recieved an E-Mail from Ian King today. Get Buffed II is now for sale.