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Ian Kings 120 sets reference

Can someone give me an exact reference as to where Ian King recommends 120 sets per week for an “on” bodybuilder? Is it in “Get Buffed?” What page? Or is it in here at T-mag in one of his columns? Can someone direct me where to find the exact reference?

Thanks Alot!


Ive never heard that and ive read four of his books. He usually doesnt make blanket statements though. He believes in individualizing everythign.

I believe the 120 set per week while “on” is a Bill Roberts recommendation. Probably somewhere on the forum. Try a search.

I think he said limit yourself to about 12 sets per workout. Take off that zero.

120 sets is a reasonable value when
including some work that is by nature
high volume, e.g. some GVT on a couple
of exercises, or including a lot of calf work.
Or especially if training body parts twice per week. If focusing on more intensive, less-sets-
per-exercise work and only one workout per week per bodypart, then somewhere less like 72-100 sets.

Thanks Bill.

Is Joel Marion going to the dark side??? My, my.