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Ian King's 12 Week Programs

Has anyone tried any of Ian King’s 12 week programs? For arms, chest, back and legs? If so, what were your results, and how would you rate these programs?

I did the Great Guns program with another guy at the gym and we both like it and got results.

I went on to the Chest & Back series, and am less impressed with it. I normally do a lot of back work anyway, and I find the workouts leaving me wanting for more back involvement. The shoulder workouts are ok, but the chest work is a real bore. I am nearing the end of week 9, and when I have finished weeks 10-12, I plan to take a week or so off and do Great Guns again.

Then 12 weeks later I want to find a different chest program altogether. If anyone knows of one, let me know.

As for results, I got a lot of favorable comments on my arms toward the end of Great Guns, and I did the program while I was not attempting to bulk. I got stronger and really cut. Next time around I will do a bulk along with it to gain some size.

What I do like about both programs is that the routine keeps changing. The workout tempo changes, and it incorporate supersets, tri-sets, and some movements that I had not done before.

Hope that helps.


I did the Great guns and onl got half a cm improvement on each arm, or a little less than half a cm. which isnt as much as i expected. But i wasn’t eating heaps over my maintainance calories so i understand it could have been more. Just make sure your food intake is good and the arms will grow.

But dont expect anything too alarming to change, at least from my experience with the program.

It can get a little tedious towards the end as well…

Good luck

I did Ian King’s Great Guns program during the school year. I really did like it and got some pretty decent results. Arms were bigger and more cut, but did lose some numbers on some lifts.This was primarily due to the fact that Great Guns is a prioritized program.

[quote]Xfactor88 wrote:
Has anyone tried any of Ian King’s 12 week programs? For arms, chest, back and legs? If so, what were your results, and how would you rate these programs?[/quote]

Almost everybody that actually goes through the twelve weeks reports positive results. The difficulty for most I think is making it through the initial phase where you’re doing mostly corrective/support work. Anyone used to lifting heavy all the time will be very uncomfortable going three or four weeks without lifting anything remotely heavy. I think if you can get past this, you’ll do well with his stuff.

Ian King doesn’t get talked about as much here anymore, and I think that’s too bad. His ideas are everywhere, and I think people lose sight of the fact that he introduced us to a lot of important ideas…maybe the most important for me was the idea of training in movement planes, rather than traiing muscles. His programs are all very well thought out and balanced perfectly.

If you give one of them a try I hope you report back on your progress.

Best of luck

Id be extrememly grateful to anyone who can reply or PM me the link to these cause I tried searching and it seems like some of the articles are missing, only the Heavy Metal ones are coming up right.

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance