Ian King's 12 week cycle

I just started Ian King’s 12 week super strength program after 1 full year on limit strength routines like Poliquin’s 5% solution and 6 x 4 method. I am ready for a little change. But I am very curious as to how you gain strength on this routine. Also as I understand it, during phase 1, you only do each superset once. Isn’t this too little volume? It’s so much different from Poliquin’s strength programs. I would appreciate any feedback.

               Thank you,
               Bruno N.

I just started SuperStrenght as well. And just like you I dont know how this is going to get me stronger. They usually say to be strong you have to lift BIG WEIGHTS… But this program will have you lifting light weights. How are strenght gains made with light weights?

Have you read the whole article series i.e. stages 1-4, each stage is very different and unique, it works if you stick to it. In the articles IK explains the reasoning in detail.

Phase 1 is mostly stabilizer work. He’s trying to improve all the muscles that are often the limiting factor in a strong bench. Don’t tell me that you aren’t shaking like a SOB on that last bench set … if you aren’t you’ve done something wrong with your work out. Stick with it - if nothing else, i’ts something new to learn from

I used the 12 weeks to SS, and I was also skeptical. But boy did it ever work. It prompted me to buy King’s book ‘Get Buffed.’