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Ian King?

Just wondering, i see Ian posts some cool tips every now and then, but can we expect to see any more programs from him any time soon? Or even some heavy metal articles? Here’s hoping that we do!

The Think Tank has to have room for Ian King!

Ian just sent me an article. I’ll have it posted in the next couple of weeks.

It would be nice to have an entire article on unilateral training for an imbalance case. These would save tons of injuries. I believe even if Mr.King provides us some excellent training programs, he doesn’t elaborate on the subject of bilateral imbalance and the practical use of It.

For example:
Dr. Mike Hartle: How to Squat, Bench Press, and Deadlift Safely and Effectively

If you use a mixed grip when deadlifting (hands facing different directions), be sure to switch up which way the hands face in practice, then use your favorite in competition. Dr. Hartle says he can look at a person’s back and tell if he never switches grips around because of the imbalances.

Ian King: The Integration of Unilateral and Bilateral Lower Extremity Exercises in Injury Prevention, Rehabilitation, and Performance Enhancement

Need a quick test to see if your legs are imbalanced? Stand on one leg, close your eyes, and start your stopwatch. Chances are you’ll feel wobbly and lose your balance after a while. When that happens you’ll put your other foot down to catch your balance. That’s one. After you’ve lost your balance two more times stop the timer and note how long this took. Now do the same for the other leg. What you’ll probably notice is that one leg is much more imblanced than the other. This is your weak leg.

Have your partner watch you squatting. If your pants shift or the bar dips to one side, you have a weakness that needs to be addressed in one leg.

The bilateral squat (using both legs) is a “waste of time” for most athletes according to Ian.
Ian said that if you can’t single leg squat your bodyweight then you don’t need to be adding load by using a bar and plates. Recruitment should be prioritized over loading.

This is the kind of information Ian King is famous for, and why I still like the way he teachs exercices better than anyone in the business!

 Want more Ian King articles!

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