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Ian King workouts

Can the Ian King programs, particularly the 12 weeks to Super Strenght workout, be effective for someone who is a relative beginner needing to lose body fat?

Since you said you are a “relative beginer” (I’m assuming less than a year of continious training) I would probably not recomend these programs, for 2 reasons: 1. most beginers do very well on a 3x a week total body program. 2. these programs are not intended to produce weight loss. I would recomend you check out the FAQ section of this site for some diet and workout recomendations. Personally I think most people focus too much on training and not enough on diet when they are trying to lose weight.

i want to know the work out schedule by ian king( super strenght series , all phases). i cud not get the link, somebody pls let me know the link , from where i can down load the excercise schedule by ian king.

I would suggest a basic 3x per week push/pull program. I’ll post a sample later if you’re interested.