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Ian King workouts

I just got my copy of Ian King’s “Get Buffed!” Needless to say, it is some of the best training advice that I have ever read. I was thinking about embarking on the program that he has laid out in the book, but I have just one question first. It seems to me from looking over the program that it is geared more toward strength than hypertrophy. As someone who’s main goal is increased muscle mass rather than absolute strength, is this program the best option, or should I look elsewhere for a good hypertrophy workout (GVT, etc.)and come back to this program during a strength phase? Any experience or suggestions of other options is welcome. Thanks.

Where strength goes, size is sure to follow.

I did the program that’s in the King book, and I have to say the results were great both in terms both of strength and size. I wish I had kept better records of physical changes, but I’ve gained 10 pounds, my pants fit a bit looser, and all my poundages are up. The best thing about following the program in the book is that it’s a great example of how King puts together a program. Even though I’d read all the King articles in T-mag, I didn’t understand them as well as I did after going through the example program. Do the program, you’ll learn more than you will with the GVT.

Ian’s sample program in ‘Get Buffed’ as stated by him is a “generalized program”. It is up to you to determine your goals for the 12 weeks and adjust the variables to achieve your desired training goal. One way you can do this is to read through the exercise descriptions in the latter three phases. Ian gives a couple exercise alternatives to those who are interested in hypertrophy or neural gains. Also, pick the correct ‘rep commbinations’ in phase four to suit your ‘training age’. Overall, this program is very similar to the ‘Super Strength’ and ‘Limping’ programs found in T-mag with only a few minor differences. Both programs though are most likely so RADICALLY different than anything you’ve tried in the past, that you will make excellent mass and strength gains over the next 12 weeks. If your up for a challenge, give the program a try during your next training cycle.

Ian Kings info is the best ive ever encountered. Hes not afraid to say hes wrong or that there may be a different way. I also want to say that i was on his conference call and he was extremely nice. Some of the questions asked were pretty stupid but he never made the person feel that way. On the other hand ive talked to someone who met Poliquin and they said he was a total dick.

where is the best place to get this book (Get Buffed)?

It is depends on what type of training you have just done. If you are coming off a high volume type work out then you should go from something a little more neural in nature. But if you have already been training heavy then do a high volume work out for 3 weeks or so then move into the get buffed program.

ADA, I got all of his books through King’s website, www.kingsports.net

I take it you have not tried any of the routines yet? So how do you know whether it is good training advice? It may seem good, but so do alot of things. It is good to have a positive attitude, but don’t just accept that what you have in front of you works until you know for sure, even if King is a popular writer.