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Would it be beneficial for a beginner to follow Ian King workouts? More specifically, the one in his book Get Buffed and also Twelve Weeks To Super Strength and Limping Into…? They do incorporate isolation work but the main picture is for the big lifts.

Ian King has begginers workouts in Mens Health right now you could try them.

to =w= Man are you being a smart ass. This kid sounds just plain new you want to dis him for trying to get the answers. Cold man. Oh well. If this question is serious read the FAQ and all the back issues of t-mag. It all really boils down to your goals and how your body responds. Keep logs diet and workout and you will get there.

I was not being cold I happen to think that the total body workouts in mens health by ian king are a perfect place for him to start. They come out with a new one each month so it will not get stale and he will be more likely to stick with it. In addition the give easy to follow (not the greatest but a good foundation) diet advice along with it. IF you throw too much at a begginer at once they will burn out what is the point of that. That is all.

I agree with Knuckledragger. I had lifted weights on and off over the years, but did not get serious until about a year ago and fortunately found this web site at about the same time. Like you, I wanted to jump right into one of Ian’s programs right away. I did, but after a few weeks I stopped because I realized I didn’t know enough about the fundamentals of bodybuilding. The next few months I concentrated on nutrition and learning proper technique. I did basic routines, but changed them up every three weeks. I think that because I built this foundation I was able to get a lot more benefit from Ian’s Upper and Lower body programs. Again, this worked for me, but you may be more advanced in your knowledge than I was when I got started.

=w=, my bad I was unaware that Ian had written a program published in Men’s health that is why I was sure you jest.

no prob